Why Three Bites of Baby Food Changed My Life

Here in the United States, and in most countries around the world, food plays a dominant role in our gatherings. Even leaving out major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, food defines many of our activities.

Having friends over to watch the big game? Wings, chips and dip, nachos– those are “sports gathering” food.

Planning a baby shower? Sherbet and Sprite punch, dinner mints, and individual sandwiches are usually served.

On birthdays we eat cake. On the Fourth of July we eat hot dogs and hamburgers. We have Taco Tuesday nights with friends, and you can get half price off your pizza if your hometown baseball team scored seven or more runs in their last game. Many parents will even recommend M&Ms as an effective treat to entice toddlers to potty train. 

Food is not just something we eat to live. It defines a lot of our activities; heck, even eating certain foods can trigger nostalgia to hit you like a ton of bricks. Suddenly, you’re back in your grandmother’s kitchen eating salmon croquettes for the first time. 
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