Good Ju-Ju, please — UPDATED

Dear readers, 

Please thing good thoughts, today! Jack is going in for a swallow study, and it would be AMAZING for it to show how much progress his speech and physical therapists believe he’s made. 

I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but he has been eating so good the last seven months, I will be crushed if they say he shouldn’t be eating. My stomach is in furious knots right now. 

I will update after his appointment at 2:30!


It went WONDERFULLY! He was cleared to eat everything above Stage 2 baby food, which includes Stage 3, and all manner of table food! We are also clear to start practicing honey-consistency liquids, and will have another swallow study in six months to see his progress. But, I am BEYOND happy, because the fact that he can eat table foods means we can actually start weaning him off the button and formula, because his calories can come from actual food! We will have to give him water via tube because it’s too thin for him to handle right now, but this is still 10 GIANT STEPS forward. I am so proud and happy, and will be on cloud nine for DAYS. 😎😎😎

— Jack and Rachel

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