I’ve seen both my parents walk the stage for their Bachelor degrees, and later watched my mom walk for her Masters. I walked for my own Bachelor’s. I survived three of my husband’s deployments alone. I watched him thrive in his military career. I have seen my work published in places that were once a dream.

And, yet, I have never been more proud of anything in my entire life, as I am watching my kids grow and conquer their next milestone.

No matter what I do with the rest of my life, whether I go on to write a zillion best sellers or not, the best thing I will have ever done is give the world Jackson and Sydney. My own world is a better place just having them in it. Just watching Jack sleep makes my heart twist and fizzle and jump because he’s mine! He’s so beautiful and sweet and strong and brave, and he’s mine! And, my Sydney, she is so kind and loving and adventurous and fearless, and she’s mine!

These gifts I have created and nurtured and cherished and loved will do amazing things one day. I know this, because just by existing they bring a smile to my face. Who knows what they can do for the world?

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