Hindsight is 20/20

A post I had written for a parenting website while I was pregnant with Jackson has been republished on the website’s social media page. It talked about me being disappointed with having a boy, when I first found out, and then my heart shattering into a million pieces when I found out, five second later, that there was a problem with his kidney (oh, gee, no, not his kidney! Heck. I’d love to have that back as our only worry).

I’d like for anyone who ends up here by clicking my bio link (THANKS, and share anything you find interesting!) to read this piece I wrote not too long ago, about gender not mattering, and what it takes to realize that’s true. If I were to get pregnant again (SO. NOT. HAPPENING.) I would revert to my coined, “It doesn’t matter,” phrase.

Take a read.

One thought on “Hindsight is 20/20

  1. thatcherulysses says:

    Love it!
    When we were pregnant with Thatcher I cried for a whole day when I found out he was a boy.
    Once I found out he had Down syndrome, it seemed so freaking asinine.
    This pregnancy, I was psyched to find out the gender, but even more psyched to find out we are low-risk for genetic anomalies. I’m still cautiously optimistic at 13w because I know shit happens and not everyone has healthy babies.


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