A Little Reprieve

So, my last post was a little, well, dark and depressing. Thankfully, I have better news this time.

After the monstrosity that was his genetics appointment, the next day the neurologist basically scoffed at the Moebius Syndrome diagnosis. He said a 7th nerve palsy (which Jack has) cannot be the only basis for diagnosis. As it is a neurological syndrome, I am gonna go with the neurologists opinion. So, WOO!

And, Jack’s physical therapist was even more shocked at the swallow study results, and the insinuation of the speech pathologist that he may never eat. The kid is 6-months-old; kinda young to start making major declarative statements like that. So, we’re going to ignore it, try another swallow study in March, because I want him to be able to eat birthday cake at his one year party in April.

Now, as for me, for starters, the nodule is 100% benign. BENIGN. So many tears. And, probably some rough words and discipline for the X-ray tech’s who divulged information about me that they were not supposed to share. Yes, I received three apologetic and remorseful calls from base administration. Good. The nitwits need to learn what they can and can’t say, because they never know when they might scare someone into thinking for an entire week that she might have lung cancer.

In my head I was writing letters for every major event in Jack and Sydney’s life so that they would have something from me during those important moments, like high school graduation, or their wedding day, or a Tuesday. I was going to do a lot of writing if I was dying.

I was also trying feverishly to come up with the next Harry Potter, so, if they couldn’t have their mom, they could at least have their mom’s royalties.

But, since it’s benign, they’ll have to be content with being poor.

What else, what else… um, Christmas is up at my house, including the house lights. The tree is being decorated tomorrow.

Shitty summer + cancer scare = IN YOUR FACE HOLIDAY CHEER.

❤ Hope everyone is having a lovely November.

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