Checking In

Things have been pretty normal in the Engel house, lately.

Two kids is way harder than people make it out to be; at least, two kids SO YOUNG, which is why that was not the plan. Wouldn’t trade Jack for the world, but I wish he had come about a year and a half later.

He had a pulmonologist check-up last week, who said he looks fabulous. The heavy breathing and congestion-sounds due to his tracheo-bronchiolmalacia (floppy airway) should subside by at least 15 months, if not sooner. 😀

We have a swallow study for him coming up on November 10, and we will be experimenting with solids! We have been practicing using a spoon (with nothing on it), just so when the day comes, he’s not like, “Whoa, okay, weird metal thing in my mouth, covered with goopy, runny, gross stuff. Yeah, no. Spitting this junk out.” That won’t help us, so we’re trying to at least get him accustomed to the spoon.

Swallow study day will be a big day.

Other than that, life is normal (yay!). He still gets speech and physical therapy each once a week, but it’s such a short session, it’s barely noticeable. At most, it’s good motivation for me to do more than just “pick up” the house.

Sydney’s potty-training is going absolutely, positively NOWHERE. The kid asks to wear a diaper, even when we buy her the cutest underwear that SHE picks out (Despicable Me minions and Hello Kitty, for the record). She is perfectly content to sit in her own grossness until we practically drag her to the diaper area. They say kids will tell you when they’re ready… I just hope it’s before high school. Such a stubborn girl!

I’m still writing, Justin is just working. I made him watch Breaking Dawn Part II the other night (just to torture him), so now I have to watch True Blood (his vampire obsession). I’m impatiently waiting for next summer when I can delve back into House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

That’s us, in a nutshell!

Boring, normal, mundane, run-of-the-mill, middle class lives.

It’s wonderful! ❤

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