When Grandparents Lose Their Appeal

Originally published on EverydayFamily:

“As a military family, we are incredibly fortunate to be stationed only a few hours from our parents; it’s very rare. We have always taken full advantage of the closeness, with us driving down at least once or twice a month, or my parents coming up on long weekends. They adore their granddaughter, and, believe me, the feeling is mutual.

So, when Jackson was first admitted into the NICU at a children’s hospital a mere 20 minutes from my parent’s house, it seemed like the ideal situation (well, as ideal as that situation can be). My mom, a school teacher, had recently been released for summer break, and she would be able to care for my daughter and keep things as normal as possible while we tended to our son. My parents weren’t strangers to her; they were her second-favorite couple in the world (second only to her mommy and daddy!).

And, for a while, she couldn’t have cared less where her father and I were. If we were there, great; if not, whatever! She had her Grannie to play in the pool with during the day, and her Granddaddy to play horses and princesses with at night, plus all the chocolate milk she could ask for. Life was as good as it gets, for a toddler.

But, as the saying goes, there really can be too much of a good thing. Disney World would even lose its appeal if you lived there 24/7.”

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