Forget Your Keys, Not Your Kid

Originally published on ManyKindRegards:

“I can’t count the number of times I have left my phone somewhere, or forgot where I put it down. Once, when I was 15 and on a family vacation, I left my brand new Nokia in a bathroom stall at Seaworld. It was gone, forever, and I couldn’t text my boyfriend for four ENTIRE days. It was pure hell.

And, my keys! Don’t even get me started. I had a locksmith on speed dial for a few years because I could not grasp the concept of grabbing them before hitting the lock button on the door and shutting it, moments before realizing they were in the cup holder. I had put them there to apply some chapstick, and BAM! Out of sight, out of mind.

But, and here is a really, really big caveat: I did not have an emotional attachment to these items. I did not carry my iPhone in my womb for nine months. I did not spend 22 hours in labor giving birth to my keys. It’s okay that I forget them places. Scary places.

Like a hot car.

Even then, Apple warns you to take care of your iPhone, and that “overheated” screen pops up after you’ve forgotten your phone while you were at the movies. That screen that kind of paralyzes you a bit, because you’re not due for an upgrade yet.

Guess what? Babies don’t come with overheated screens. Overheated babies die. They die a horrible, gruesome, torturous death, trapped in a large metal oven with a Chevrolet logo on it.

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