It happened. It actually happened.
Jackson had heart surgery.

It was actually done on Monday, and lemme tell ya, Sunday night and Monday morning were probably the lowest points of my life. When they stopped in the hallway on the way to the OR, and said, “Okay, mom and dad, give him kisses and tell him you’ll see him soon,” I thought I was going to faint.

The waiting was agonizing, and felt like it took forever, even though, in actuality, the surgery was much shorter than they had told us to expect. The surgeon closed both holes (his massive one, as well as the small one that lots of kids are born with– he figured, why not?).

He was taken to the CICU, and when we saw him, he was very scary. He had a chest tube in his chest cavity that came out of his body to drain the blood from around the incision of his heart. He looked… painful.

But, wow, what a difference 48 hours makes! His arterial and central lines are gone, he is off all of his cardiac medicine drips, and only on pain meds as needed.

For heaven’s sake, he’s not even fussy! They have a TV over his head (because the Cardiac ICU takes care of kids up to age 20), and he is mesmerized by this kaleidoscope video. He’s on a little trip when he has his Lortab while he watches the spinning colors, ha!

They have already put in a transfer for him to go back to the NICU, and THANK GOODNESS. Not that he’s not getting great care from the CICU nurses and doctors, it’s just a lot scarier over here. I prefer the comfort and familiarity of the NICU.

But, it looks like he is doing really, really well, so our stay in the NICU might be short! I’m so optimistic. His breathing is now consistently in the 40s, which is actually normal, for once.

He’s our little fighter. His daddy and I are so proud!

Thank you, everyone for all of your support. Keep thinking about him, he still needs to heal!

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