A Stranger Holds My Baby’s Heart In His Hands

I’m sitting in a tiny waiting room, with gray walls, and uncomfortable chairs. There’s a coffee machine that dispenses what can barely be called the drink it supposedly supplies, and there’s a television permanently set on the Fox News Channel. That’s not unusual; this is Texas, after all. There is also a single, black landline phone sitting on a rickety end table.

What waiting room am I in? Is it the DMV? Am I renewing my license? Did I lose my social security card?

No. It’s the cardiovascular surgery waiting room at a children’s hospital. That black phone will ring every 30 minutes, and a nurse will give me an update on my 3-month-old son, who is lying on an operating table with his chest open, his heart completely exposed, waiting for what I can only hope is an extension of some deity to fix the holes that have compromised his quality of life from day one.
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2 thoughts on “A Stranger Holds My Baby’s Heart In His Hands

  1. courtney says:

    hi sweetheart. I make crochet items and I would love to make something to keep your little guy warm when he gets home from surgery today. hugs and so many loves to you both right now. we are all pulling for you.


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