Well, It’s Done

Surgery was a success. His button is in, and it’s not as scary as I was imagining, or maybe I have just researched, read and talked to other “tubie” mothers so much, that I am actually already accepting it.

His hernia was larger than anticipated, and because of that, the surgeon wants to keep him sedated and on a ventilator for a few days. That’s the worst part, really, seeing my baby with a tube down his throat so he can artificially breathe.

He did so good, though. I held him right up until they wheeled him down, thank goodness, since I now won’t be able to hold him until Wednesday.

Jack is one heck of a trooper, already having to endure more than a baby should.

Thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers, good juju, texts, calls, messages– so many people have reached out to let us know we are not alone, and it really has made a difference knowing so many of you are rooting for Jack.

He’s calm, he’s comfortable, and he’s got a morphine drip, so he should be pain-free. I’ll update more when things change, and we find out what the next step is.

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