Nothing Like Family

I come from a close-knit family; really, we’re kind of freaks. My mom and dad have been married for 30 years, and my sister and I have been best friends since I was 14 and realized how awesome having a little sister was. After I went through my emotional teenager stage (dear GOD, I hope Sydney doesn’t take after me in that area; I was a mess), and moved out of the house at 19 (and, ahem, got married), both mom and dad became friends and confidants.

It’s an “all for one, and one for all” kind of operation, and it has been from the beginning.

But, now? This is our first real crisis as a family. We have been lucky not to have had any major medical emergencies, or any other major life events that threw a big wrench in the plans.

This is the first. This, being here, with a sick baby, and not knowing what’s going to happen.

And, our team effort is continuing.

When Mr. Boy was born, my mom and husband were at the hospital with me. My 2-year-old was at our house… with my dad. He’s no ordinary granddaddy– he does it all. Meals. Diapers. Playtime. Naps. Night-night. Not for a second was I worried about her well being. I missed her like crazy, but she was in awesome hands.

When he was first admitted to the hospital, we were scared for us both not to be here. Unfortunately, mom and dad had jobs to get back to, but, luckily, the same day we rushed Jack to the hospital, my sister graduated from college (WOOT!). Being a recent college grad, she had a little time to spare, and was able to take on the job of Super Aunt. She woke up with Sydney, fed her, took her to play at the park (where she made sure to emphasize she was the AUNT); all of it.

Mom of course took over for her when she got home from work, and continues to do that now, as we march towards starting our fourth week in the NICU. She also does everything for Sydney we can’t, and keeps her household running (which is now basically two households in one), and also comes up on the weekends to sit with Jack, so Justin and I can get a little break, and spend some quality time with Sydney together. She’s absolutely amazing.

I don’t know how people without family nearby do it. I really don’t. With as much stress and worry and fear we are under every day, knowing our daughter is living a normal life day-to-day with people who absolutely adore her… it’s priceless. In this situation, that peace of mind means more than anything else anyone could ever do.

All for one, and one for all. Thank goodness.

I love you, family.

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