Thank Goodness For the Military

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and it’s not something we’ve ever traditionally celebrated, even as a military family. We always watch the President speak, and we enjoy watching the military documentaries on the history channel, but we don’t barbecue or have a big get-together. As a fairly introverted family, we acknowledge it, and move on.

This year, though, I have never been more grateful to the military, and for my husband’s service than I am right now. I know that Memorial Day is technically to honor the fallen, but, as a country, we tend to kind of generalize all military holidays for all troops, past and present, so I’m rolling with that.

We are sitting in this hospital, right by our son’s bedside, and my husband is still employed. Heck, he’s still being paid! There was never a question as to should he be here; this is where his priorities were, and so, here he is. Just like that. Where else do they do that? Nowhere. The extra expenses that come from being away from home are still there, but its not near as dibilitating to our finances as it could be. That’s incredible.

And, as we sit here, on our 14th day in the NICU, all the while talking about procedures he needs done, and surgeries that will take place, and therapy down the road… I am completely unconcerned about a hospital bill. The thousands of dollars that are racking up each day will not be an extra burden that we carry, in addition to being panicked over our son’s health.

Thank you, TriCare, for not adding to our stress. I cannot imagine dealing with everything we have so far, and then having to deal with an accountant to set up some sort of astronomical payment plan.

I have bitched and moaned about the military in the past, and I can guarantee I will bitch and moan about them in the future. Trust me, it’s the nature of the beast. But, I will always be grateful for the benefits they provide to our service members (at least the active ones!). Maybe it’s an Air Force thing, but I wholeheartedly appreciate the fact that they know how important family is to the morale of their troops.

Thank you to my husband for his three combat deployments, and his 8+ years of service so far. Thank you to all of the men and women I’ve personally seen him work with for their time, service and courage. Thank you to all of those serving around the world.

And, for those who laid down their lives in service for the citizens of this country: thank you. There aren’t enough words to properly describe the gratitude you deserve.

Happy Memorial Day from the Plastic Crib.

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